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The Best Quickdraws for Climbing

The Best Quickdraws for Climbing of 2023

Buying new gear for climbing is an investment. You’re investing not only in your future climbing endeavors, and you are counting on your gear to catch you when you fall. With climbing becoming a more

Best Climbing Carabiner

The Best Climbing Carabiner of 2023

Picking a single best non-locking carabiner is a lot like picking the prettiest flower: everyone you ask will have a different answer. We’ll do our best, though, to point you in the right direction. In

The Best Belay Devices

The Best Belay Devices for Climbing of 2023

Now that you have gotten into climbing, you’re likely very aware that safety is a staple of the sport. Or maybe you’re an expert multi-decade climber, but one thing is still certain – safety is

The Best Sport Climbing Rope

The Best Sport Climbing Rope of 2023

Unless you enjoy bouldering or free soloing, the climbing rope is an essential piece of equipment when climbing. So, picking out the best sport climbing rope is a vital first step to building­ your own

Best Grip Strengtheners For Climbing

The Best Grip Strengtheners for Climbing of 2023

In all competitive sports, regardless of the physical intensity, gym work is necessary to achieve great success. But for the longest time, to train in climbing, most didn’t do any training off the wall. But

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes

The Best Beginner Climbing Shoes of 2023

The most critical piece of climbing equipment is arguably climbing shoes. Others might differ and contend that safety equipment is more vital. However, only climbing shoes are necessary for every type of climbing, from bouldering

Best Climbing Gear For Kids

The Best Climbing Gear for Kids of 2023

Climbing is a great sport to get into, especially at a young age. Depending on your location, there can be many quality climbing gyms that are also kid friendly. There are also many camps and

Best Climbing Harnesses

The Best Climbing Harnesses of 2023

Before you rope up to climb or belay, you need a climbing harness. And, because a harness helps keep you and your climbing partner safe, it’s important you put a little thought into which harness

Best Stick Clips For Climbing

The Best Stick Clips for Climbing of 2023

So you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve gone through stick clip after stick clip, never finding the perfect one to suit you. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Whether you are just getting into