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Category: Climbing Gear Reviews

The Best Climbing Holds

The Best Climbing Holds of 2024

In the not so distant past, indoor gyms were not readily available as they are today. And the selection of climbing holds was next to non-existent. Mostly you used what was available and were happy

The Best Quickdraws for Climbing

The Best Quickdraws for Climbing of 2024

Buying new gear for climbing is an investment. You’re investing not only in your future climbing endeavors, and you are counting on your gear to catch you when you fall. With climbing becoming a more

The Best Gym Climbing Shoes

The Best Gym Climbing Shoes of 2024

For many climbers, the only real climbing is done in the great outdoors. For others, the gym is a more refined and inclusive way to get a workout while still having fun. For whatever reason,

The Best Canyoneering Shoes

The Best Canyoneering Shoes of 2024

Canyoneering is an adventure sport at it’s finest. From scrambling over rocks to rappelling through waterfalls to shimmying through a slot canyon, you are likely to encounter all sorts of different terrain types during one

The Best Climbing Fingerboards

The Best Climbing Fingerboards of 2024

After you have been climbing for a while, you reach a plateau, and you feel you are not progressing to climbing higher grades. That is entirely natural, but it is also a call to give

The Best Minimalist Hiking Boots

The Best Minimalist Hiking Boots of 2024

One of the most underappreciated and least considered parts of our everyday life is our footwear. Although for most, everyday footwear does not occupy much of our attention, most of us have some experience with

nocry massage gun review

NoCry Massage Gun Review: Is It Worth It?

The answer you’re looking for: yes. 100% yes. Read on to learn more why this massage gun by NoCry is an absolute must have when it comes to looking to supplement your muscle recovery efforts.

Auto Belays: How Do They Work?

Auto Belays: How Do They Work?

If you’ve ever been to a climbing gym and wanted to do a top rope climb but didn’t have a belay partner, an auto belay might be the right device for you. Many climbers tend