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Is There a Weight Limit on Rock Climbing

Is There a Weight Limit on Rock Climbing?

If you’ve seen rock climbers online or on TV, you’ve likely noticed that most professional rock climbers are lean and don’t have bulky muscles. With professionals looking one way, it is no wonder why many...

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Is Climbing a V4 Good

Is Climbing a V4 Good?

Bouldering, or climbing low to the ground with no ropes, is the simplest form of rock climbing and is often where people start out. The rating scale used for bouldering differs from that used for...

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Is a PAS Necessary in Climbing

Is a PAS Necessary in Climbing?

If you have ever been to a climbing cliff, you have likely seen a chain of loops attached to the climber’s harnesses and wondered what it was. We’re here to answer that question. It is called...

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How to Use Alpine Draws for Rock Climbing

How to Use Alpine Draws for Rock Climbing?

Alpine draws differ from quickdraws you may use when sport climbing, but what makes them different, and why should you even bother using them? We’re here to answer all your questions about alpine draws. We’ll...

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