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Category: Climbing Gear Reviews

The Best Belay Gloves

The Best Belay Gloves for Climbing of 2024

Carrying a pair of belay gloves around is something that heavily benefits you as a climber in a variety of different ways which makes them an essential product for most people. And besides, belay gloves

The Best Belay Devices

The Best Belay Devices for Climbing of 2024

Now that you have gotten into climbing, you’re likely very aware that safety is a staple of the sport. Or maybe you’re an expert multi-decade climber, but one thing is still certain – safety is

The Best Gifts For Climbers

The Best Gifts for Climbers of 2024

If it happens to be the birthday of your favorite climbing buddy or maybe it’s close to the holidays of any sort. Whatever the occasion is bringing to the table, there’s always a time to

Best Climbing Snacks For Rock Climbing

The Best Climbing Snacks for Rock Climbing of 2024

Climbers expend high levels of energy in short periods of activity, especially when climbing at the gym. Every active body needs fuel, and spending a whole day rock climbing means that constant snacking and refueling

The Best Rock Climbing Pulleys

The Best Rock Climbing Pulleys of 2024

If you happen to have been on the look for the best climbing pulley on the market and have been stumped on finding the right one for you due to the insane amount of options

The Best Pumice Stones For Climbers

The Best Pumice Stones for Climbers of 2024

One aspect of climbing that many climbers overlook is the health of their skin. Which is strange considering the amount of abuse our skin, especially on our hands, receives. With constant abrasion on rough rocks,

The Best Hangboards For Climbing

The Best Hangboards for Climbing of 2024

If you happen to be looking to try something new to spice up the climbing side of you, a hangboard might just be right down your alley. For those unfamiliar, hangboards are products designed to

The Best Portaledge For Big Wall Climbs

The Best Portaledge for Big Wall Climbs of 2024

Whether for a halfway ascent just to camp overnight, or for an overnight, or even multi-day, climb up a big cliff wall, finding the right portaledge can make a severe difference in your experience. They