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Category: Climbing Gear Reviews

The Best Sport Climbing Rope

The Best Sport Climbing Rope of 2024

Unless you enjoy bouldering or free soloing, the climbing rope is an essential piece of equipment when climbing. So, picking out the best sport climbing rope is a vital first step to building­ your own

The Best Rope Bag For Climbing

The Best Rope Bag for Climbing of 2024

Climbing rope is probably the most essential pieces of equipment a climber has to rely on; without it, hardly anyone would continue to climb long routes. So, it only makes sense that we keep our

Best Climbing Pants

The Best Climbing Pants of 2024

Climbers can be a curiously picky and particular group when it comes to climbing gear and climbing accessories. While some gear, such as climbing shoes, harness, rope, and other equipment that is directly related and

The Best Cam Set For Trad Climbing

The Best Cam Set for Trad Climbing of 2024

Cams, camming units, and Spring Loaded Camming Device (SLCD): these are some of the names for one of the most critical tools in your toolbox if you’re a traditional—or trad—climber. A form of active protection,

Best Climbing Chalk

The Best Climbing Chalk of 2024

While many climbers insist that there is no need to use chalk, there are equally as many or more who swear that it is vital to peak performance. In this post, we’ll cover the best

The Best Climbing Nuts For Trad Climbing

The Best Climbing Nuts for Trad Climbing of 2024

Before the advent of what we know as climbing protection today, climbing was a very different sport. In the beginning, climbers used ropes to secure themselves to whatever features the route presented to them. By

Best Climbing Backpacks

The Best Climbing Backpacks of 2024

By now you’ve probably acquired all the necessary gear. You spent days finding the perfect climbing shoes, harness, and rope. But now it’s time to go out to the crag, and you need something to

Best Belay Glasses For Climbing

The Best Belay Glasses for Climbing of 2024

If you’ve been out on the crag or in the gym, you have probably belayed or seen people belaying others. You’ll know the burning of muscles and the ache that develops from extended periods craning

Best Crack Climbing Gloves

The Best Crack Climbing Gloves of 2024

Do you seem to shred your hands crack climbing constantly? Or are you looking to get started crack climbing but don’t know what to buy to get started? Regardless, thinking about picking up a pair

Best Grip Strengtheners For Climbing

The Best Grip Strengtheners for Climbing of 2024

In all competitive sports, regardless of the physical intensity, gym work is necessary to achieve great success. But for the longest time, to train in climbing, most didn’t do any training off the wall. But