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Best Grip Strengtheners For Climbing

The Best Grip Strengtheners for Climbing of 2023

In all competitive sports, regardless of the physical intensity, gym work is necessary to achieve great success. But for the longest time, to train in climbing, most didn’t do any training off the wall. But

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes

The Best Beginner Climbing Shoes of 2023

The most critical piece of climbing equipment is arguably climbing shoes. Others might differ and contend that safety equipment is more vital. However, only climbing shoes are necessary for every type of climbing, from bouldering

Best Climbing Gear For Kids

The Best Climbing Gear for Kids of 2023

Climbing is a great sport to get into, especially at a young age. Depending on your location, there can be many quality climbing gyms that are also kid friendly. There are also many camps and

Best Climbing Harnesses

The Best Climbing Harnesses of 2023

Before you rope up to climb or belay, you need a climbing harness. And, because a harness helps keep you and your climbing partner safe, it’s important you put a little thought into which harness

Best Stick Clips For Climbing

The Best Stick Clips for Climbing of 2023

So you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve gone through stick clip after stick clip, never finding the perfect one to suit you. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Whether you are just getting into

The Best Climbing Sun Protection

The Best Climbing Sun Protection of 2023

When climbing outdoors, tons of new variables are added into the equation – from wet holds to changing weather patterns, to sharp rock, and more. With all these additional factors to potentially hinder your climbing,

Best Climbing Tapes

The Best Climbing Tapes of 2023

Every climber gets to the point on the wall where they want to keep climbing, but their hands are pretty much through. Worn down and raw, climbers often turn to climbing tape to help them

The Best Climbing Brush

The Best Climbing Brush of 2023

When you first started climbing, you may have noticed the abundance to brushes in your climbing gym and wondered why climbers needed to brush off their holds – it might have even looked a little

Best Bouldering Chalk Buckets

The Best Bouldering Chalk Buckets of 2023

Carrying a chalk bucket is something that heavily benefits you as a climber in a variety of different ways which makes them an essential product for most climbers. In this post, we’ll detail the best