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The Best Climbing Gyms in Salt Lake City of 2024

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If you’re sick and tired of encountering gyms that don’t live up to your standards or are just looking for the perfect gym that suits your needs entirely, today we will delve into the best climbing gyms in Salt Lake City. All skill types, ages, personalities, and more are taken into thought for our choices and the gyms on today’s list certainly take into consideration how they can better themselves as they offer the best services possible. However, since we know that to every person there is their own, we will be choosing an overall favorite, our top pick, a runner up, and lastly, a value pick that is sure to be a diamond in the rough for those needing cheap prices but great services. At long last, here are all the best climbing gyms in Salt Lake City in our humble opinion.

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Our Favorite for the Best Overall Climbing Gym in Salt Lake CityOur Favorite for the Best Overall Climbing Gym in Salt Lake City

The Front Climbing Club


Opening quite early in the morning at 6 am, then later closing at 11 at night, The Front Climbing Club is not only a climbing gym but is a much bigger community than you can imagine. On the other hand, they also feature lounge areas, food, a vast array of additional services, and extraordinary staff. No matter your age or skill level, there is going to be some activity found within the premise of The Front Climbing Gym, we can guarantee you that.


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What Makes The Front Climbing Club Unique:

  • The interior design of this location is quite exquisite, a lot of people who attend this gym leave with this takeaway – so you know it’s got to be something special. It’s also a very large gym with lots of room to hold the very big crowds of people that frequent this place.

Why Choose The Front Climbing Club:

  • In Salt Lake City, any place you go in the climbing community whether it’s on location, online, or in the streets, you’ll hear all about The Front Climbing Club. For example, here is a reviewer’s experience, “This place is awesome! I’ve been coming here since January as a beginner and I have improved so much. The staff and members are very nice and helpful and are willing to give tips and advice when necessary. I love the laid-back vibes. I also love the design and how open it is. It can get pretty crowded but it’s a fun time to meet new people while you wait. I’ve already made new friends and climbing partners. Good for all skill levels.”

Additional Services:

If you can focus better or just prefer to work one-on-one, this gym offers private lessons for you or with a group of friends. You can improve your skills and learn all the safety skills required to become an expert climber or just to sharpen your knowledge. They also offer an introduction to bouldering for those who would like to learn this very special sport, which just happens to be open to people of all ages and the staff are happy to teach and be patient with children. Additionally, yoga classes are also available for those interested, but this service is practically available at every gym out there.


The Front’s day passes come in at $25 for adults while it is only $15 for kids 13 and under. While their gear rental package might be slightly steep for some, their gear quality is really great and only uses the best materials. Their entire package is $15 and comes with shoes, harness, belay device, and chalk bag. Of course, these pieces of gear are also available individually for those customers only needing a select one or two ($6 shoes, $5 harness, $5 belay device, and $2 chalk bag). On the other hand, if you’re looking for a serious and dedicated monthly membership, The Front has you covered with their $85 monthly membership.

Our Top Pick for the Best Bouldering Gym in Salt Lake CityOur Top Pick for the Best Bouldering Gym in Salt Lake City

Momentum Indoor Climbing


Momentum Indoor Climbing offers a 24,000 square foot facility, which is simply more than enough. This trait causes the gym’s facility to almost always feel fresh and offer something new every time you choose to visit. By taking a glance at the interior of the gym, it’s apparent that the creators tried to mimic the actual outdoors to make the climbing experience as accurate as humanly possible. If you’d like to take a good look at the very visually appealing interior to the gym, watch this video.


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What Makes Momentum Indoor Climbing Unique:

  • Taking a look at what the vast and varied community of climbers think about whichever gym is in question always helps us to get a better grasp of what the general public loves and doesn’t love about a gym. So by taking a look at the reviews for Momentum Indoor Climbing our high and mighty thoughts about the gym were just solidified, “Chill atmosphere, they change the holds regularly enough, tons of room, and very kind and professional employees. I love climbing here and it’s my favorite Momentum location. They also have a pretty good weight gym and offer yoga classes. The duo monthly membership is a lot cheaper than what you would pay for any other specialized workout, and is well worth it considering the daily pass price.”

Why Choose Momentum Indoor Climbing:

  • The memberships found here include shoe rentals, lockers, and classes of multiple types, yoga, and even cardio. This provides access to an open yoga studio with equipment included, access to gym equipment and a cardio room. If you’re looking for a big, and of course clean gym with room to grow as a climber, good rates and awesome staff, then this is the perfect place for you.

Additional Services:

Momentum’s Salt Lake City location’s services range from the usual, but they uniquely have frequent events that typically go on every week and draw in a huge crowd. Their prices are also simply put fantastic considering the sheer amount of stuff you get for them. If you happen to be an individual who is going to be heading to climbing gyms with kids – they will be just as happy as you with a only $14 day pass for those 11 and under. If you’re in need of gear rentals they’ve of course got you covered, with their shoe rentals only costing a small $6.


Adult day passes come in at $20 while kids under 11 get day passes for only $14. Furthermore, they actually feature a yoga day pass for just $10. While for just $5 you can get yourself a nice handy dandy pair of shoe gear rentals. On the other hand, their monthly memberships come with a few notable perks that we feel will just add to why you should stop at Momentum.  You get discounts on their services, free yoga, free day passes, and unlimited access to the whole facility. The price for their monthly membership is just $70 with a standard enrollment of $59.

Our Runner Up for the Best Climbing Gym in Salt Lake CityOur Runner Up for the Best Climbing Gym in Salt Lake City

Quarry Indoor Climbing Center


Within 10-20 minutes you will have had your orientation, set up your gear, and prepare to climb at Quarry Indoor Climbing Center. They operate within very fast speeds and take into account their customer satisfaction with everything they do. First, go ahead and spend a couple of hours climbing, then feel free to relax in their professionally designed lounge areas with other climbers. This may just be the best looking climbing gym in Salt Lake City which definitely helps give the place a stellar look.


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What Makes Quarry Indoor Climbing Center Unique:

  • By taking a look at the reviews for this location, we found out that people have spotted out the same great qualities we see, “It seems The Quarry has something for everyone. The staff are laid back and willing to offer help/tips, and it’s a fun environment. It was a little crowded on the Friday night I went, but that’s probably because those with a membership can bring a friend on Fridays either free or discounted. Overall awesome experience!”

Why Choose Quarry Indoor Climbing Center:

  • Something new is almost always going on here at Quarry. In other words, their offerings are always expanding so we are sure you can expect a plethora of more services in the near future as they are always expanding and listening to their customers.

Additional Services:

Here at Quarry Indoor Climbing Center, they offer yoga and fitness classes as is practically the standard the past decade or so for these types of gyms. Although since they have such a wide variety of services, listing them off in a fast manner works best. Those aforementioned services include personal training, parties, summer camps, childcare, instruction, and much much more.


Quarry Indoor Climbing Center’s day passes are a fair price of $18 and allow you to get a good feel for the gym.  While their recurring monthly membership comes in at $59 and gives access to a decent amount of the gym. If you’re in need of gear just simply ask any staff member and they should let you know that their harness rentals charge $3, shoes are $4, or you can get them in a combo pack for just $5. However, if you’re looking for more services bundled in your membership you can easily tweak, add, or remove anything from your services by talking to someone.

Our Value Pick for the Best Climbing Gym in Salt Lake CityOur Value Pick for the Best Climbing Gym in Salt Lake City

Elevation Rock Gym


Elevation opens its doors to its customers from 10 am to 11 pm throughout the week besides Sunday when they are open from 12 pm to 6 pm. Any time they are open, new climbers are always entering their doors and then much later leaving wanting to come back for more. The sheer amount of value in their prices is enough of a reason to attend this facility just to get a good taste of it. Whether you’re a complete noob or a master that’s climbed Mount Everest at age 10, Elevation Rock Gym has something for you. You’ll be sure to get a social learning-packed experience upon arriving at this location.


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What Makes Elevation Rock Gym Unique:

  • They have a huge amount of variety here at this location in Salt Lake City. Their schedule is as packed as can be in reality, with many group events constantly going on and on. Every time you will stop at this gym you will surely be happy with whatever you happen to find. In reality, Elevation Rock Gym’s calendar is one that most will admire and respect for just the large amount of different activities by the hour.

Why Choose Elevation Rock Gym:

  • We’re proud to tell you that the Elevation Rock Gym is loved by practically all its customers and continues to be highly rated ever since it opened its doors. Here’s a peak, “Check this place out whether you’re a beginner or advanced! There is a whole area upstairs for bouldering. Their main room has so many different puzzles and you can clip in on your own for some of them. The holds (if that’s what they’re called) are made just for the gym, so they’re fun and the courses have punny names. My favorite was “Climb Chowder”. It’s kid-friendly and great exercise for all!”

Additional Services:

Elevation Rock Gym features a great roster of services that will definitely satisfy what you’re looking for. Climbing 101’s goal is to teach you the basics, the secrets, and the advanced techniques of climbing. Yoga is sure to be perfect for a broad audience, even for people who aren’t entirely physical or very active – everyone starts somewhere after all. On the other hand, they offer a summer camp for the kiddos that provides a great community and learning structure. As for the last service we shall mention, ladies climb is exactly what it sounds like.


Stop here for their deals before they end, seriously. Their day passes come into three different ranks with their standard adult one charing $16, while their military discount one is $14, and lastly, their youth version is even smaller being $12. Not only that, but their gear package is only $5! You can’t really beat that price at all, you get shoes, harness, and a belay device packaged in with that. You can also get a chalk bag for just $3. As for their memberships, their individual monthly comes in at $79 but their yearly is so much cheaper in the long run – only being $545. But the great prices seriously don’t end there, as their family 2 person membership is literally just $5 more than the standard one – and it’s for TWO people. You’ve struck a lot of value if you ever decide on attending Elevation Rock Gym, that’s a fact.

Summary of the Best Climbing Gyms in Salt Lake City

After taking in all climbing gyms that Salt Lake City offers its large roster of residents, The Front Climbing Center rains triumphant for all to see. Their long hours are sure to have a big array of climbers coming through their doors.

As for the technical second-place winner, our overall top pick comes to be Momentum Indoor Climbing – which is a rightfully deserved title if we do say so ourselves. This 24,000 square foot building is something to keep your eyes on.

Runner ups also happen to be an important category as not every gym can bestow a mighty title, however, Quarry Indoor Climbing is still a great facility & is quite unique as well. You’ll be climbing before you know it upon your entry and will be surprised to see their vast catalog of things to do.

Elevation Rock Gym comes in as our value pick… a gym well worth the money, that should keep you coming back and back for more each time. Their prices are unbeatable and their services still please their customers to this day, so what’s the reason to not stop by this great gym!

At the end of the day, Salt Lake City truly does have a large number of climbing gyms. Some greater than the rest and others created for more specific needs. Out of the best climbing gyms in Salt Lake City we have discussed today, we hope you are able to narrow it down & find the perfect one!

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