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The Best Climbing Gyms in Dallas of 2024

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If you’re sick and tired of encountering gyms that don’t live up to your standards or are just looking for the perfect gym that suits your needs to a T, today we will delve into the best climbing gyms in Dallas. All skill types, ages, personalities, and more are taken into thought for our choices and the gyms on today’s list certainly take into consideration how they can better themselves as they offer the best services possible. However, since we know that to every person there is their own, we will be choosing an overall favorite, our top picks, a runner up, and lastly, a value pick that’s sure to be a diamond in the rough for those needing cheap prices but great services.

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Our Favorite for the Best Overall Indoor Climbing Gym in DallasOur Favorite for the Best Overall Indoor Climbing Gym in Dallas

North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center


If we’ve ever seen the biggest climbing walls, North Texas puts them all to shame with their massive 120 feet tall walls. Being founded in 1993, they have survived over the years and have always provided their customers with utmost satisfaction. Monday through Friday they are open from 12 pm to 10 pm – being most populated in the later evening hours of the day.


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What Makes North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center Unique:

  • The North Texas Gym especially features a unique program they call their ‘Outdoor Climbing School’ where they aim to get everyone to love the outdoors and on the climb. Their set up is top of the line and their guides are more than happy to assist and teach any skill level you may happen to be.

Why Choose North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center:

  • While it’s not the sole reason you should choose a gym that’s perfect for you, taking a look at reviews from fellow climbers is a very smart thing to do. So with that in mind, North Texas simply is rated very heavily and it shows, “Talk about an experience. This place has an amazing selection of courses to climb from beginner to advanced and even have a beginner course on the tallest course which lets you feel like a king when you get to the top. The staff is amazing and you’re sure to have an amazing time if you take good company. Bring some water and some motivation! This place is dope.”

Additional Services:

If the massive scale of this gym isn’t enough of a reason to stop by, they also offer intro to climbing classes for those who consider themselves a beginner. As for the more experienced climbers in the game, group classes & yoga may be up your alley.


They even offer special deals on the regular, with one being under $30 for a climbing pass for 2 which is a great deal if you ask us. Typically, an average climbing pass is around $30 and is even bundled in with free gear and a free guide. On the plus side, their annual membership is actually a very low and reasonable price of $500 which is just over $40 a month. On the gear side of things, their shoe rentals are a mere $3 while their lead gear rental is $10. These are only a couple of the service options they contain so be sure to check out their site if you’re looking for something more specific.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bouldering Gyms in DallasOur Top Picks for the Best Bouldering Gyms in Dallas

Summit Climbing, Yoga & Fitness


Being filled with roughly 3,000 square feet of 27-feet top rope sections and an even larger 5,000 square feet of bouldering for those interested, Summit Climbing strives to become the friendliest climbing gym in all of Dallas. While at first sight, it may not sound like the biggest gym and while that is true, it completely makes up for it in the sheer amount of thought and content packed into every wall and structure in this gym. Their interior design also simply trumps the majority of other gyms you may have seen in your lifetime, effort and time are concepts that are output here.


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What Makes Summit Climbing, Yoga & Fitness Unique:

  • Summit Climbing’s staff receive all the praise in the world and their prices seem to be a big selling point for those leaving reviews as evident by the following, “All the staff are really nice and helpful here! I love this place, it’s so much fun and they change the climbing routes frequently which constantly changes your climbing experience. Plus this gym is very reasonably priced for use and gear rental, which was perfect for someone like me because I was NEW to climbing. Also, your day pass includes FREE YOGA.”

Why Choose Summit Climbing, Yoga & Fitness:

  • They account for every skill type and work with kids and experts in particular in a very professional and enjoyable way. As for the largest demographic, they do in fact have climbing 101, group training, yoga, and private lessons. You really will be able to find whatever you happen to be looking for with over 10 different types of services they offer.

Additional Services:

Considering Summit Climbing is our first top pick, you can expect a gathering of services that justify that very title. Whether you fit into the youngest demographic, the oldest, or even the middle, there is going to be something here for you. Going in that specific order, they offer youth programs and adventure fitness geared towards kids.


If unlimited yoga, classes, and more are your thing – a $16 day pass should be right up your alley at Summit Climbing. Or you can add an extra $5 to make it a solid $21 to be bundled in with the most top-notch gear in the game. While the recurring monthly membership is a great price of $65 and is packed with so many discounts and services it’s hard to even realize the potential of them all. Some of those perks include free gear for the first month, ab classes, & a substantial amount of other discounts while you’re at it.

Cowboys Fit


Here at Cowboys Fit, pleasing their customers and attending to each and every one of their needs is their forte. This practice ensures that you will be paying for exactly what you want and when you want it, which makes sure you aren’t ever overpaying or being dissatisfied with any purchases you may partake in. Their facility is over 60,000 square feet and calls itself one of the most luxurious gyms in the states.


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What Makes Cowboys Fit Unique:

  • Quite uniquely, there are a large number of other classes based around yoga and training to ensure you become the best climber you want to be. Although this is only a small percentage of what Cowboys Fit has to offer, some more classes they offer are as follows: Cadence Ride, Barre Blast, Total Body Blitz, and Time Out.

Why Choose Cowboys Fit:

  • If you aren’t already sold on Cowboys Fit, just take a glance at these reviews – they are almost all 4 or 5-star reviews, “I’ve been a member for about a month and am loving it! The facility is beautiful, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the patrons are kind as well! The classes are great and diverse, the equipment is state of the art and there are plenty of toys which are awesome if you know how to use them. The pool is also beautiful, on the third floor and they offer a pretty cool BOGA class (yoga on the water!).”

Additional Services:

Quite uniquely, this facility has some very special and beneficial services that are revolutionary and new to this day and age. One of those services is called cryotherapy – where you are exposed to really low temperatures for 2 to 4 minutes. If you’re unfamiliar with this practice it’s pretty easy to ask “What’s the point or benefits to this?”, the answer is simply to relieve muscle pain as it is designed to aid in recovering your body’s tissue.


Cowboys Fit’s pricing is a special situation in that it simply works in quite a different way than most other gyms do. Here, you personally build out your membership and package and the price becomes dependent on what you’re looking for and wanting. But if you’re looking for a rough estimate, the average monthly membership comes in at around $90 for an adult individual. As for day passes and gear, you will need to follow the same procedure and ask an available staff member.

Our Runner Up for the Best Climbing Gym in DallasOur Runner Up for the Best Climbing Gym in Dallas

Life Time Athletic


Upon your first entry in Life Time Athletic, within 10-20 minutes you will have had your orientation, set up your gear, and prepare to climb. They operate within very fast speeds and take into account their customer satisfaction with everything they do. First, go ahead and spend a couple of hours climbing, then feel free to relax in their professionally designed lounge areas with other climbers. This may just be the best looking climbing gym in Dallas which definitely helps give the place a stellar look.


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What Makes Life Time Athletic Unique:

  • Life Time Athletic is quite a lovely gym and their staff are almost always praised in each review, “Extremely good customer service and cleanliness. You pay a little extra but for me, it’s definitely worth it. The team at Lifetime Mockingbird always greets us by name and is there to help out. Very impressive. Definitely the best gym membership I have ever had.”

Why Choose Life Time Athletic:

  • This facility has a list of content that’s pages and pages long, just due to the large array of variety and experiences its customers leave with. The list of additional services is almost endless – at the end of the day, it’s an all-purpose gym. Swim lessons, yoga, kids camps, massage, spa, and group training are just a few examples. We heavily recommend coming to check out the massive array of services that can be found here!

Additional Services:

They try to achieve the best and most satisfactory classes in all of Dallas here at Life Time Athletic. Yoga, endurance, training, and recovery are all themes present in the services located here. In particular, their website offers this short description of the goals they accomplish, “Move your body and lift your spirits with classes that deliver all-out intensity, restorative meditation and everything in between.” With that in mind, you’ll also be able to build muscle, learn new tips and tricks, and most importantly become a part of the local community.


Life Time Athletic’s day passes are a fair price of $30 and allow you to get a good feel for the gym.  While their recurring monthly membership comes in at $59 and gives access to a decent amount of the gym. If you’re in need of gear just simply ask any staff member you come across as they will be sure to provide great assistance to you. However, if you’re looking for more services bundled in your membership you can easily tweak, add, or remove anything from your services by talking to someone.

Our Value Pick for the Best Climbing Gym in DallasOur Value Pick for the Best Climbing Gym in Dallas

Canyons Rock Climbing


With quite a lot of varying hours through the week, Canyons Rock Climbing opens at 12 pm & closes at 9 pm Monday through Thursday. Any time they are open, new climbers are always entering their doors and then much later leaving wanting to come back for more. The sheer amount of value in their prices is enough of a reason to attend this facility just to get a good taste of it. Whether you’re a complete noob or a master that’s climbed Mount Everest at age 10, Canyons Rock Climbing has something for you. You’ll be sure to get a social learning-packed experience upon arriving at this location.


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What Makes Canyons Rock Climbing Unique:

  • Reviews are everything when it comes to picking the right gym as we believe, so taking a look at what the people truly think about this gym which is known for value in everything is key, “This is my favorite climbing gym. The routes are fun and vary in difficulty, and the staff is really nice and helpful. There’s a good mix of top rope, bouldering, and lead climbing routes. The other climbers are also friendly and the conditioning and yoga classes offered throughout the week are great.”

Why Choose Canyons Rock Climbing:

  • Their services and of course prices are unbeaten by over 90% of all climbing gyms in America. $33 is the simple price you’re required to pay for a monthly membership, that’s just over one dollar day – impressive! You’ll get unlimited access to the location whenever it’s open & will surely be satisfied with these extremely low prices.

Additional Services:

Canyons Rock features a great roster of services that will definitely satisfy what you’re looking for. Climbing 101’s goal is to teach you the basics, the secrets, and the advanced techniques of climbing. Yoga is sure to be perfect for a broad audience, even for people who aren’t entirely physical or very active – everyone starts somewhere after all. On the other hand, they offer a summer camp for the kiddos that provides a great community and learning structure. As for the last service we shall mention, ladies climb is exactly what it sounds like.


Considering this is our value pick, you can expect great prices packed with even greater services. Adult day passes clock in at a small and welcome price of $18 while it’s a great $6 cheaper for children. These impressive prices just keep continuing as the gear is only $3 for a harness and then $3 for climbing shoes.

After taking in all climbing gyms that Dallas offers its large roster of residents, the North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center rains triumphant for all to see. The height of their over 100 feet walls are certainly one of their strong points.

As for the technical second-place winner, our overall top pick comes to be Summit Climbing, Yoga & Fitness – which is a rightfully deserved title if we do say so ourselves. Don’t underestimate its size, they really do make up for it in quality tenfold.

Runner ups also happen to be an important category as not every gym can bestow a mighty title, however, Life Time Athletic is still a great facility & is quite unique as well. You’ll be climbing before you know it upon your entry.

Canyons Rock Climbing (our value pick)… a gym well worth the money, that should keep you coming back and back for more each time. Their prices are unbeatable and their services still please their customers to this day.

At the end of the day, Dallas truly does have a large number of climbing gyms. Some greater than others, and others more suited for specific needs. Out of the best climbing gyms in Dallas we have discussed today, we hope you are able to narrow it down & find the perfect one.

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