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Category: Camping Gear Reviews

The Best Camping Mugs

The Best Camping Mugs of 2024

One of the best feelings when getting up in the morning is the anticipation of the first sip of your beverage of choice. The aroma of coffee or the floral bouquet of a steaming cup

The Best Mugs for Backpacking

The Best Mugs for Backpacking of 2024

Making sure you have the right kitchenware when you’re deep in the wilderness is stressful. Finding the best camping mug to make the backcountry feel like home helps immensely. Even though they are a small

The Best Backpacking Ponchos

The Best Backpacking Ponchos of 2024

When considering our backpacking rain gear, we often gravitate towards rain jackets and waterproof pack covers when considering the proper rain gear for our trip. Rain ponchos have the advantage of being both of those

The Best Camping Plates

The Best Camping Plates of 2024

It doesn’t matter if you spend all your free time backpacking or spend one weekend a year car camping with your family, you will need to eat when you’re camping. It’s a necessity of life.

The Best Water Containers for Camping

The Best Water Containers for Camping of 2024

Regardless of if you go backcountry or front-country camping, you will need some way to carry your water. Although a water bottle is great for a day’s worth of water, you are likely to need

The Best Camping Utensils

The Best Camping Utensils of 2024

Regardless of who you are or what you’re doing, you will need to eat, and unless you’re living off of sandwiches, you will need utensils of some type. There’s a huge variety of backpacking and