Journey to V7: The struggle continues (2/8/18)

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Brutal week for me. Everything feels out of sync. Today I failed my first V3s since starting this log…had a really tough time getting in the groove. Going to keep this log short and aim to just keep hitting the walls to get out of this slump.

The day’s stats:

Warmup 10 pull-ups
Grade Outcome Points
V0 0
V1  ✓✓ 2
V2 0
V3 ×✓✓×✓×✓ 15
V4 ✓✓✓ 12
V5 ✓××× 8
V6 0
Cooldown 15 biceps
15 biceps
10 shoulders
21 biceps
20 squats
20 squats
Recap 10 sends, 6 failures

2018 YTD

  • 161 sends (+10)
  • 59 failures (+6)
  • 395 pull-ups (+10)
  • 115 pushups
  • 117 biceps (+51)
  • 12 triceps
  • 100 forearms
  • 40 shoulders (+10)
  • 100 squats (+40)
  • 1 peg / campus / hang board
  • 465 ab reps

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