Journey to V7: Back from long weekend (3/5/18)

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It’s been a half week since I was able to get a climbing session in. I flew back from a bachelor party this weekend so was feeling pretty low energy.

Today was a rough return, with a number of V5 failures. I get the sense it’s generally tougher for me to get in the right mindset for climbing on Mondays. Anyways, here are the stats for today:

Warmup 15 pull-ups
Grade Outcome Points
V0 0
V1 1
V2 ✓✓ 4
V3 ✓✓✓✓✓ 15
V4 ✓✓××× 11
V5 ×××××× 6
V6 0
Cooldown 10 pull-ups
20 pushups
20 squats
50 abs
Recap 10 sends, 9 failures

2018 YTD

  • 263 sends (+10)
  • 96 failures (+9)
  • 490 pull-ups (+25)
  • 205 pushups (+20)
  • 157 biceps
  • 22 triceps 
  • 110 forearms 
  • 48 shoulders 
  • 160 squats (+20)
  • 1 peg / campus / hang board
  • 615 ab reps (+50)

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