Journey to V7: Three days off = high volume session (3/25/18)

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Whenever I have three days between climbing sessions, I try to go really hard. The reason why is I find three days is more than enough time to have recovered from my last session, and my overall body feels really fresh. So I went hard today, with mixed results. I still haven’t been able to send a V6 yet in this stretch, but I’m going to keep trying!

This was my first time checking out First Ascent Humboldt Park. It’s a cool spot. I’m going to be doing the next bouldering league, so wanted to get comfortable with how tall the walls were before the season starts.

Sundays are meant for stretchy starts and sends.

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Here are the day’s stats:

Warmup 10 pull-ups
Grade Outcome Points
V0 ✓✓ 1
V1 ✓✓ 2
V2 ✓✓✓ 6
V3 ✓✓✓✓✓ 15
V4 ×✓✓✓✓×✓✓××× 29
V5 ✓××✓✓× 18
V6 ××× 3
V7 0
V8 0
Cooldown 10 pull-ups
50 abs
25 squats
Recap 21 sends, 11 failures

2018 YTD

  • 401 sends (+21)
  • 149 failures (+11)
  • 715 pull-ups (+20)
  • 205 pushups
  • 157 biceps
  • 22 triceps 
  • 110 forearms 
  • 48 shoulders 
  • 275 squats (+25)
  • 10 peg / campus / hang board
  • 790 ab reps (+50)

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