Journey to V7: Last session of stretch four (4/11/18)

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With it being my fortieth tracked climbing session today, I wanted to make sure it was a solid one in terms of point value. I ended up recording a 50+ point day, but wasn’t solidly sending V5s.

It’ll be interesting to see how this fourth stretch turns out data-wise seeing as it’s been highly variable in terms of point totals. I’ve also been skipping out on cool downs at times when I’m climbing with friends.

Here’s the day’s stats:

Warmup 10 pull-ups
Grade Outcome Points
V0 ✓✓ 1
V1 ✓✓ 2
V2 ✓✓✓ 6
V3 ✓✓✓ 9
V4 ✓✓✓✓× 17
V5 ✓××✓×✓× 19
V6 0
V7 0
V8 0
Recap 17 sends, 5 failures

2018 YTD

  • 491 sends (+17)
  • 192 failures (+5)
  • 830 pull-ups (+10)
  • 205 pushups
  • 192 biceps 
  • 42 triceps
  • 150 forearms
  • 68 shoulders
  • 355 squats
  • 25 chest
  • 10 peg / campus / hang board
  • 860 ab reps

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