Journey to V7: It’s been a while, BKB (2/26/18)

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I think the last time I went to BKB was early 2017. I’m a pretty big fan of First Ascent when it comes to the best climbing gyms in Chicago. I find the problems are tougher and prefer gyms that finely grade (i.e. 5.11a as opposed to 5.11+ or 5.11-). Since BKB keeps things broadly, I’m going to consider the 5.10 I did today a 5.10a.

Today was an awesome laid back session. I ended it with a personal challenge to myself to complete a 5.8 route ten times straight with no rest. By the end of that sprint I was for sure running purely on adrenaline.

I didn’t climb tough routes today. Mostly was meant as a catch up with my friend so took it pretty easy on the walls. I’m looking forward to this Wednesday when I check out First Ascent Block 37 for the first time!

Anyways, here are the day’s stats:

Warmup N/A
Grade Outcome Points
V0 (5.8 – 5.9) (✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓) 13
V1 (5.9 – 5.10a) (✓) ✓✓ 4
V2 (5.10a – 5.10c) ✓✓ 4
V3 (5.10c -5.10d) ✓✓ 6
V4 (5.11a) ✓✓ 8
V5 (5.11b) 5
V6 (5.11c) 0
Cooldown N/A
Recap 23 sends, 0 failures

2018 YTD

  • 238 sends (+23)
  • 83 failures (+0)
  • 445 pull-ups
  • 185 pushups
  • 157 biceps
  • 22 triceps 
  • 110 forearms 
  • 48 shoulders 
  • 120 squats 
  • 1 peg / campus / hang board
  • 565 ab reps

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