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NoCry Massage Gun Review: Is It Worth It?

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The answer you’re looking for: yes. 100% yes.

Read on to learn more why this massage gun by NoCry is an absolute must have when it comes to looking to supplement your muscle recovery efforts.

In this article, we’ll break down what makes the NoCry Massage Gun a great massager to pick up, as well as things to consider before deciding whether or not it’s right for you.

Is the NoCry Massage Gun the best massage gun to buy?

This is an impossible question to answer since everyone has different needs. That said, the NoCry Massage Gun fits the bill of a quality product at a fair price.

One of the biggest things to look out for when vetting through the different sorts of massage guns available on the market is finding the right mix of value and price.

While there are some high-end massage guns like the Theragun or the Hypervolt, not everyone has $500+ to spend on a massage gun.

That leads us to seek the best mix of value and price around the sub $200 mark.

From our research, the NoCry Massage Gun positions itself here and is one of the better built ones within this class of massage gun products.

Its build quality is very sturdy, and feels much like that of a higher-end massage gun, without the higher-end price.

Occasionally, NoCry runs promotions to save 10% off the massage gun. Check their website to see if there are any promotions.

Overall, the NoCry Massage Gun has been great for relieving some of the forearm stress that rock climbing can bring with it after longer sessions. We also tested it for cycling recovery and found it helpful in relieving different knots that would develop around the IT bands and calves.

For those who work desk jobs for the bulk of the day, the NoCry Massage Gun is helpful when used before bed to relieve some of the knots that come from sitting for the greater parts of the day.

One of the reasons we chose the NoCry Massage Gun was because they offer a four-year warranty time period, while competitors typically only offer a one-year warranty period.

How loud is the NoCry Massage Gun?

The NoCry Massage Gun features a ‘Quiet Glide’ technology motor that allows it to operate at 40-50 decibels, which is half that of many competitor guns.

In our year of owning and using the NoCry Massage Gun, we’ve been able to listen to podcasts, Netflix, etc. with no need to significantly increase the volume as the NoCry Massage Gun lives up to its advertised sound levels.

One of the cons of buying a cheaper massage gun is that the build quality typically means the motor runs much louder than a more well-built massage gun like the NoCry.

Does the NoCry Massage Gun hold its charge?

Yes! We’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how long the NoCry Massage Gun lasts on a single full charge. We rarely have to charge the massage gun and are able to go entire weeks before needing to plug back in to charge up.

What comes with the NoCry Massage Gun?

The NoCry Massage Gun comes with four different interchangeable heads to address different needs. From Swedish massages to deep tissue massages, the NoCry Massage Gun consistently delivered a good muscle-relief experience after long climbing sessions.

Typically, we used the deep tissue bullet head to target the inner forearms and lats. Lats rarely get a lot of attention when thinking about muscle relief, but they can get a great release with the use of the NoCry.

The case the NoCry Massage Gun comes in is well-built as well. You can easily pack it into a carry-on should you want to travel with it for a longer outdoor trip.

Are massage guns good for your muscles?

Used in moderation, massage guns are good for your muscles. They’re helpful for giving your muscles a consistent post-workout release that manual hand massage may not be able to achieve.

Take note: for those with preexisting back spasms, the NoCry Massage Gun can exacerbate issues without proper before and after care; so try not to go overboard with it when you first start out using it.

We recommend heeding to the ten-minute timer the NoCry comes with in which it turns off after ten-minutes of continued use. Overusing the massage gun can do more harm than good when it comes to muscle relief.

How often should you use your massage gun?

A ten-minute session before and another ten-minute session after your workout session can go a long way.

The reason to use it before your workout is to help loosen up your muscles (particularly helpful for climbers).

The reason to use the NoCry Massage Gun after your session is to help with lactic acid build up that can then impact your next climbing session if not handled promptly.

Aside from using the NoCry Massage Gun, we’ve found it helpful to pair the massage gun with a gua sha. Gua sha is a helpful way to break some of the fascia that forms from tougher climbing sessions.

Do massage guns get rid of knots?

Yes! We’ve successfully used the massage gun to work out a number of tougher knots in our backs that would have had to have been dealt with by a visit to a masseuse.

Final Thoughts on the NoCry Massage Gun

The NoCry Massage Gun is a quality product at a quality price. It’s important when you’re deciding to invest in something like a massage gun that you buy a quality product that won’t break after a few months of consistent use.

We’ve had friends from our climbing gym who bought cheaper massage guns that didn’t last for very long. We also simply couldn’t justify picking up a Hypervolt or Theragun for the price of a new smartphone!

If this review helped you out in deciding to pick up the NoCry, feel free to pick yours up using this link below.

NoCry Professional Deep Tissue and Muscle Massage Gun; Cordless and Handheld with 5 Speeds (max 3200 BPM) and 4 Attachment Heads; Relief for Athletes, Office Workers
  • TREAT YOURSELF TO A DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE. Relieve muscle soreness, back and neck pain, tension, tightness, and knots with this quiet, handheld personal massager. The ergonomic non-slip silicone handle reduces vibrations. The 15-degree range helps you reach tricky spots. And the 4 interchangeable attachment heads help apply the right kind of pressure. Kit also comes with a charger and a case.
  • QUIET AND POWERFUL AT THE SAME TIME. With 5 speed settings to choose from (1400 to 3200 bpm) you control the depth and pressure of your massage. And thanks to ‘Quiet Glide’ technology, this massage gun silently glides over the skin at only 40-60db so you can hear the TV , use it in the office without bothering anyone , or carry on a full conversation. (That’s half the db of our competitors’ guns.)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT , DURABLE AND LONG LASTING. At only 2.2 lbs, you can take this cordless massager to the gym, the office or travelling. The 2550 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery charges in just 4 hours and provides 6 hours of active use time. (And the LEDs show remaining power levels so you’re never caught out.)

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