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Journey to V7: 100 sends in 2018! (1/25/2018)

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Today I focused mostly on V4s and V5s since I was feeling a bit sore from my climb two days ago. That being said, still continued to test out V6s (failed both times). Here are the stats for the day:

Warmup 15 pull-ups
Grade Outcome Points
V0 0
V1 1
V2 2
V3 ✓✓ 6
V4 ✓×✓✓✓ 17
V5 ✓×✓ 11
V6 ×× 2
Cooldown 10 pull-ups
30 abs
Recap 10 sends, 4 failures

2018 YTD

  • 107 sends (+10)
  • 35 failures (+4)
  • 290 pull-ups (+25)
  • 115 pushups
  • 66 biceps
  • 12 triceps
  • 50 forearms
  • 30 shoulders
  • 260 ab reps (+30)

I felt good about this workout, especially coming off the tough one two days ago. This week I’ve bumped up my warmup routine slightly by including five more pull-ups and by bumping up my warmup routes. I’m going to aim to make the transition to just V2s for warmup in the coming weeks. This climb also marked a milestone in that I’ve now sent more than 100 routes in 2018!

This makes me want to start working towards sending 1000 routes by the end of the year. I’ll be running my stats for my first ten workouts in the coming days. I think it’ll be interesting to draw a few insights as I head into February.

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