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The Best Climbing Gyms in San Jose of 2024

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San Jose, California. While it’s known for its many museums, historic land, and totally inclusive people, it also happens to offer a great selection of fantastic indoor climbing gyms. It doesn’t matter what you happen to be looking for, San Jose has quite a varied amount of locations spanning all across the land. Because of that, we are going to account for the best climbing gyms in San Jose as we narrow down the top picks that us and the climbing community view as the most superior ones. With all that said, we will delve into our overall favorite gym in San Jose, our top pick, then our runner up, and at last – our value pick which is meant to suit climbers on a budget who want a high amount of quality, services, and overall content in the gyms they attend. The best climbing gyms in San Jose are all located on this list, so look no further and make sure to have fun.

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Our Favorite for the Best Overall Climbing Gym in San JoseOur Favorite for the Best Overall Climbing Gym in San Jose

The Studio


The Studio is San Jose’s flagship indoor climbing gym, and for many good reasons. Being 14,000 square feet in total, this location is extraordinarily packed with quality, services, routes, and so much more. With over 120 routes, they typically are updated and changed at the turn of the week. Kids through adults will be satisfied by the types of services offered here, as some routes are designed for youth while others are designed for the most advanced climbers. Once you come and stop by here at The Studio, you’ll not only be greeted by the lovely staff but by the ever-growing community as well.


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What Makes The Studio Unique:

  • As for the youth, they aren’t even left out here by any means. In fact, kids are heavily encouraged to come and check out The Studio. There’s something here for everyone which is a great aspect to this location. These kid services include climbing teams, camps, and events. Speaking of events, The Studio’s events are some of the most fleshed out – they offer Belay, Kids & Adult Climbing, and various special events.

Why Choose The Studio:

  • If the great prices, value, and overall community present at The Studio, you’ll likely be gratified to hear how loved this location is in the general public. To us, this adds another credibility level to the location, especially when you take a look at every opinion of the gym. Here a review for example, “Friendly staff with clean and well-maintained climbs and bouldering routes. Even the weights and cardio exercise equipment is nice and in good condition. Availability of day passes make this a great place for the traveler or local enthusiast.”

Additional Services:

The Studio features a large variety of fitness classes which include TRX, Yoga, Core, & others. On the flip side, they even offer a Climb Outside course which takes advantage of San Jose’s beautiful outdoors and aims to train all skill levels and ages. Private lessons are another great option that can even be specifically tailored to your needs to then better yourself.


Their day passes come in a couple of different ranges, being $25 for a day pass after 3 pm – then only $20 if you would like an early bid day pass valid before 3. On the flip side, you can get a free belay device rental upon entry of the gym. While if you need the additional gear, you can get the full package deal for $5 which includes shoes, harness, and belay device. Also, their monthly membership comes with a list of over ten perks, which includes free events, intro to climbing class, and even a guest pass. The rates for their aforementioned memberships comes in at $84 a month.

Our Top Pick for the Best Bouldering Gym in San JoseOur Top Pick for the Best Bouldering Gym in San Jose

The Peak of Fremont


Containing walls that go up to 45 feet, the friendly staff at The Peak of Fremont led us to place this location in San Jose right in second place. This over 16,000 square foot location is quite a colorful one that seems to attract a mix of those young and old. By reading reviews and examining the website, it appears safety is 100% guaranteed at every corner of this location – which while expected, is still great to know the operators of this gym really care. If you enjoy variety you’d likely be happy to hear that there are over 135 routes and even 120 boulder problems. Being very visually appealing as well as functional, The Peak of Fremont is quite a special little place.


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A post shared by The Peak of Fremont (@thepeakoffremont) on Aug 24, 2018 at 2:29pm PDT 

What Makes The Peak of Fremont Unique:

  • With almost a solid review rating of 5 stars, this location seems particularly loved by the community. Here take a look at this, “The routes are regularly updated (an area is changed every week, sometimes 2) and will normally stay up for a month. This isn’t a problem though because they have two bouldering areas: one a bit taller sharing a lead climbing section, and one free standing Boulder which combined give a huge bouldering area. They also have very many too roping and lead routes. Across all the routes, they have a good variety of climbs in all styles and grades, with still several climbs in each of V6-V9 making it a good place for more seasoned boulderers. There are also many climbs between V0-V5, and some beyond V9. They have a great top rope selection for both beginners and more seasoned climbers, on both belay and auto belay.”

Why Choose The Peak of Fremont:

  • Their pricing perfectly fit those looking for family plans, couple plans, or what have you. Group work is a big aspect to The Peak of Fremont, you’ll soon come to learn that once entering the location. On the membership side of things, you’re in luck if you’re in need of a cheaper pricing system than most. The adult monthly membership comes in $59 a month, with only a $45 initiation fee (with many discounts available if you happen to qualify).

Additional Services:

Kids and young adults are in luck with The Peak of Fremont’s youth classes which includes their youth climbing teams which can actually get quite competitive if you stop in at the right hour of the day. Additionally, summer camps are another option if you so fancy. On the other side of things, ‘Discover Climbing’ is their all ages climbing course which will be able to teach even the most alien of people who’ve never touched climbing. Going rapid-fire, they also feature private lessons, belay classes, as well as lead climbing classes. There will truly be something here for you, especially with their always expanding list and calendar of events and services.


Luckily, the pricing found here is a fair amount cheaper than the prior gym. Their day pass is valid throughout all hours of operation and is a small $20. If you happen to be in the military, a first responder, teacher, or student, you also get a $5 discount on any day pass you would be interested in. As for gear, their $8 package includes shoes, harness, and chalk, which is also all available individually if you would like to save money if you only need one piece of equipment.

Our Runner Up for the Best Climbing Gym in San JoseOur Runner Up for the Best Climbing Gym in San Jose

Planet Granite


Opening at 6 in the morning, and then closing at 11 throughout the weekdays, Planet Granite here in San Jose truly is a gym to keep your attention pinned on. Being over 28,000 square foot with over 200 routes that are for each skill level imaginable, this gym is truly something special. Opening in 2006, they have always had a friendly batch of staff that aren’t just working – but having fun too. Recently, they have been improving the scale and equipment all found within this location. There is something here for you, just as there is something for your neighbor, doctor, and what have you.



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A post shared by Planet Granite (@planetgranite) on Feb 11, 2017 at 10:17am PST 

What Makes Planet Granite Unique:

  • Planet Granite has relatively low prices and an ever-expanding catalog of services. Plus they only charge a small $45 initiation fee, and then a monthly $98 charge for the individual membership. In short, you’ll get unlimited climbing, discounted rates, and access to any of Planet Granite’s locations with their membership.

Why Choose Planet Granite:

Everyone loves this gym! However, you don’t take our word for all of this, take the words of a customer who has been attending Planet Granite for dozens of months, “I’ve been going to Planet Granite Sunnyvale for a couple of years now. This place can get really crowded because this gym has so many training resources from yoga classes, saunas, nice spot walls, cracks, awesome bouldering with steep overhangs, moon boards and a conventional weight training gym setup. I’ve always had troubles finding that community of rock climbers to mesh with and attributed it to the corporate feel and indifference to its members. I was totally wrong. I realized this when I lost my chalk bag the day before an amazing bouldering trip in Tahoe. The trip would not have been amazing without the help of Jacob at the front desk. Not only did he do everything to help me out, he went above and beyond to even letting me borrow his personal chalk bag for the weekend. There are great people here at PG Sunnyvale”

Additional Services:

Competitions are always occurring throughout the vast events that take place at Planet Granite. For example, a type of competition you may see at this gym is two people racing to see who can reach a set point on two identical climbing routes. As for more relaxed services, they feature yoga and fitness classes that are designed to go at your personal pace no matter who you happen to be. As for kids, there are intro climbing classes, camps, and even after school programs.


Quite interestingly the day passes here at Planet Granite work in a relatively simplified way that helps cut out some of the money for their customers. That being a $28 full option and a $22 early bird option. Moving on, they offer 4 pieces of gear ($1 for chalk rentals and a yoga mat individually, and then $7 for shoes and a harness). If you are looking for a more serious and committed relationship between you and Planet Granite, their membership options are really great and affordable.

Our Value Pick for the Best Climbing Gym in San JoseOur Value Pick for the Best Climbing Gym in San Jose

Great Western Power Company


Great Western’s schedule is constantly expanding and is packed which in turn causes lots of new faces always coming through the doors when the gym is open. Safety is one of the core values present in the gym so you can expect a lot of policies and steps that are taken to make sure everyone feels safe. With a modest 11,000 square foot facility in the palm of your hand, the Great Western Power Company is an honest gym that is sure to be great for those needing a friendly community to join.



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What Makes Great Western Power Company Unique:

  • Taking a look at the reviews for this location was quite shocking as many people praise it for how affordable and welcoming it is. Take a look, “Not the biggest gym but definitely a good one, they don’t offer the same amount of classes but it’s a good place to go climbing if you are in the area. I really dig the CrossFit space too, kind of an old school gym feeling.”

Why Choose Great Western Power Company:

  • Each time you happen to stop by Great Western Power Company something new is sure to be going on. If it’s a woman’s event to raise awareness, or a charity supporting some very important issue there’s something always going on. Their sales are also some of the greatest. In particular, if you really pay attention and want to get the best deal – some of the membership options can save you some money here and there. For example, their 2 person couple membership lowers the membership price of 2 people for $158 a month.

Additional Services:

You’ve struck gold with Great Western Power Company if you’re looking for a gym with more than enough additional content. As for climbing, they have private lessons if you need someone on one time with one of their talented and expertly trained crew members. Group events also are an option that features every aspect of the climbing community’s input. In particular, they also feature several variations of fitness classes that are meant to improve your muscles. Crossfit is also another option if that’s what you have in mind.


Value truly emits from every crack here at Great Western Power Company Being owned and operated by the same guys as Planet Granite, the majority of the prices found here at Great Western Power Company are quite similar, but the overall gym and quality range drastically because they are two completely different gyms at the end of the day. This means their day passes range from $20 to $25 and their gear is only but a couple of dollars.

Summary of the Best Climbing Gyms in San Jose

Our overall favorite just simply has to be The Studio for the obvious reasons. Containing over 120 routes in all that are frequently traded out with new ones, this location is really great for a variety of individuals, and the prices are exceptional as well.

The Peak of Fremont comes in as our top pick that’s just an inch below our beloved prior gym. Kids are in luck especially with this gym as their services are great for them just as much as they are for adults.

With a sizable 28,000 square foot location, Planet Granite is a nationwide brand that’s known for its growing community and friendly staff. No doubt, you’ll get a happy vibe once you step foot in this gym.

Lastly, the Great Weston Power Company closes things up today being our value pick. Their prices are great, just as much as the perks that come with each and every single one of their services.

In concluding remarks, we believe there is a gym out there for you no matter the circumstance. While San Jose doesn’t contain a large number of climbing gyms, today’s list are truly the overall best climbing gyms in San Jose. We hope one of today’s gyms has caught your eye – they truly are fantastic locations.

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