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The Best Climbing Gyms in Charlotte of 2024

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As Charlotte North Carolina first comes to mind you most likely don’t immediately think of indoor climbing gyms… but maybe you should! We say this because this bubbly big city truly has some of the best indoor climbing gyms throughout the states. They offer a variety of services aimed towards an even larger variety of demographics. On that note, today we are going to help narrow down our favorite climbing gyms in all of Charlotte. We’ll be dividing them up into our overall favorite, then our top pick, our runner up, and then finally our value pick which offers more content and value than most gyms will be able to. Let’s not wait any further, the best climbing gyms in Charlotte are up for your taking.

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Our Favorite for the Best Indoor Climbing Gym in CharlotteOur Favorite for the Best Indoor Climbing Gym in Charlotte

Inner Peaks Climbing


With two wonderful locations in Charlotte, Inner Peaks Climbing South End boasts a sizable 17,000 square feet of climbing with always changing routes. You can even get a virtual tour of this fantastically crafted modern looking facility. They’re open from 10 am to 11 pm regularly throughout the weekdays and always have a happy feel to the gym whether it is through the climbers or the kind staff. Their 40 foot high walls are perfect for beginners and of course the more serious climbers. However, their fitness studio and their additional services are more aimed towards the more advanced type of people. You’ll be sure to encounter a great community of climbers here in this gym specifically, as there truly is something for everyone.


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What Makes Inner Peaks Climbing Unique:

  • On the flip side, some adult instruction courses include Clinics, Weight Lifting, and a variety of intro classes to bouldering, lead, and top rope. These courses are great for newcomers to climbing or climbers that may just need some touching up in their life. In less importance, yoga and fitness are also featured here at Inner Peaks as they will help build overall muscle strength within you.

Why Choose Inner Peaks Climbing:

  • We think that you can never assume in the business of climbing gyms, which is why we turn to all sorts of media to see what the general public thinks of these gyms. Check out this fantastic review for Inner Peaks, “Love this gym, tons of bouldering. Problems are always on a rotating consistent schedule, so you know what can be projected and when it will come down. They listen to the member’s comments and are always working to improve/add to the gym. If something breaks they fix it ASAP. The retail climbing shoe selection here is the best in town. This gym takes care of its members by offering perks, hosting events, and member competitions. Thank you Inner Peaks!”

Additional Services:

No matter if you’re looking for youth services or adult services, Inner Peaks Climbing has an overload of services for both demographics. As for kids, you’ll find parties, summer camps, after school services, teams, and much more. The highlight for us has to be their youth team service as it teaches responsibility to young adults and more importantly the value of building trust with others – which just seals the climbing experience.


Being affordable and well worth the money is a great selling point, which especially shines through with Inner Peak’s $19 day pass. You can even get a discounted rate if you purchase 5 day passes instead for only $90. As for gear, their full $10 rental package option comes packed with everything you’ll likely need, (shoes, belay device, and harness). Or of course, if you’re looking for anything individually that can also be found for a cheaper price. Furthermore, memberships come in a dime a dozen here at Inner Peaks, being only $69 a month for an individual membership. Not the mention the free gear package you’ll receive as well as the FREE yoga, intro classes, guest passes, and much more.

Our Top Pick for the Best Bouldering Gym in CharlotteOur Top Pick for the Best Bouldering Gym in Charlotte

Ultimate Climbing Gym


Opening quite late in the day from 5 pm to 9 pm on weekdays excluding Friday, and then much longer on the weekend, Ultimate Climbing Gym offers 40 feet high walls targeted towards the youth but also has services perfect for the adult crowd. Plus, they are always adding physical additions to the gyms as well as services. For example, in July of this year a moonboard bouldering wall which is actually a very interesting concept. It works with an app that allows you to design your own climbing walls, share them with your friends, and then build them in person if you’re up to the task. Out of all of today’s gyms, Ultimate Climbing Gym has the most expansive community by far – appealing to those very young and those on the older spectrum. If we had to sum up this location into a singular word it would be fun.

What Makes Ultimate Climbing Gym Unique:

  • By taking a peek at the reviews found on google reviews for this location, it became apparent to us that the main appeal of the gym is for youth and young adults which by no means take away from the gym. But overall, they seem to be a loving community, just take a look at this, “Fun and CHALLENGING experience! The place is obviously cavernous as well as exciting. The staff were so cordial and helpful, especially with the belay training. Then you’re on your own! Climbing is tough, and if you’re not fit or haven’t been to the gym in a while, I’m letting you know you’re up for a mean climb. Too, it can be a little scary on the wall, and you really learn to appreciate the skill and all the professionals. It’s definitely worth a try.”

Why Choose Ultimate Climbing Gym:

  • On the flip side, seeing how this location isn’t just built for climbing they also feature cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, tumbling, and much more for adults and kids alike. Overall this gym is surely aimed towards kids but its services benefit those young and old we can assure you. After all, you’re never too young to start climbing.

Additional Services:

Focusing on the youth, Ultimate Climbing Gym features birthday parties, ninja warrior events, and college/teen nights. Specifically, they even have ‘Parents Night Out’ which takes place in the late hours on Saturdays, being designed to give parents time alone while their kids build their love for climbing. They even have daycare and services meant for those very young kids that just need a place to stay while their parents are at work. The staff are praised for their friendliness as they should be considering the role, which just further adds to the overall picture of this location making it a great one.


In order to find the most accurate and up to date prices found at Ultimate Climbing Gym, you’ll need to either reach out by email, phone, or in person as they have very specific pricing per person depending on what you happen to be looking for. Although, here are some of their membership benefits ripped from their site, “FREE admission to a TumbleTime session within 30 days of your child having missed a class. Priority registration for classes and camps. Discounts on TumbleTime, Parent’s Night Out, Summer Camps, School’s Out Camps, and BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Savings on our drop-and-play service… Ultimate Kids Club. Discounts on all sibling and additional classes“

Our Runner Up for the Best Climbing Gym in CharlotteOur Runner Up for the Best Climbing Gym in Charlotte

Cliff Hangers


As for our runner up, this location contains 3,500 square foot in all with a designated kids area as well a professionally designed fitness and yoga studio. Here’s an excerpt from their site to give you a better understanding of this gym, “Cliff Hangers is a new, state-of-the-art indoor climbing facility that brings together the passion of challenging yourself to new heights with a community of friends and supporters along your journey. With everything from speed climbing, introductory classes, yoga studio, fitness area, café, and kid’s climbing area – Cliff Hangers has something for everyone to enjoy.”


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What Makes Cliff Hangers Unique:

  • Cliff Hangers reviews are always very positive, and quite uniquely, is frequently called the best facility in Charlotte, “My first time climbing in a few years and this place was awesome! The staff was great! Very nice and helpful but not breathing down your neck. The facility is mind-blowing. By far the best I’ve ever been in hands down.”

Why Choose Cliff Hangers:

  • They also have events with one being their USAC Modified Repoint which is just a big climbing competition for any skill level you can potentially be. There is truly something here for everyone at Cliff Hangers in Charlotte. After all, their events are out of this world, and the competition in them is on another level of fun.

Additional Services:

Several of their additional climbing classes transition your everyday indoor climber into an experienced and safe outdoor one. These include Advanced Lead, Rappel, and Multi-Pitch. If you’re looking for youth classes you also can choose from youth team programs and birthday parties. Furthermore, yoga classes even take place every day here at Cliff Hangers and vary in the types of yoga that take place.


Being the same price as our overall favorite Inner Peaks, this facility’s day passes come in at that reasonable price of $19, even being $15 for the youth. If you’re in need of gear, don’t fear. Cliff Hangers offers shoes, harness, and belay device for $10, or individually at, ($5 shoes, $3 harness, and $3 belay device). But if you’re looking for something just a tad more serious, their $65 month membership should be up your alley. Even more so, you can get a 2 person family membership for only $100. You’ll get free special events, yoga classes, rental gear packages, guest day pass, and a whole other list of perks if you’re truly interested.

Our Value Pick for the Best Climbing Gym in CharlotteOur Value Pick for the Best Climbing Gym in Charlotte

Progression Climbing


While Progression Climbing is just 3,500 square foot with 14-16 feet high walls, this facility should not be overlooked as it truly still has a huge variety of points going for it. With potlucks, competitions, events, and promotions always taking place throughout the year at this gym, there is much more to be had than just climbing. Being designed to be a smaller type of gym, they truly focused on every little aspect of this location to make it with the highest quality to their ability. With that in mind, their staff are actually constantly praised by their customers as it seems like it’s not just a job for them, they truly love it.


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A post shared by Progression Climbing Gym (@progressionclimbinggym) on Jul 11, 2017 at 11:15am PDT 

What Makes Progression Climbing Unique:

  • Their prices are one aspect that truly sets them apart from the rest in our and many others eyes. Then again, you can even get a $10 discount on that monthly fee if you’re college/youth. On top of that, you’ll receive %10 off all retail items sold at this location, as well as many member discounts for classes, events, and even competitions.

Why Choose Progression Climbing:

  • If their wonderful pricing, great staff, and overall very fun facility hasn’t been enough for you. The justification from their customer feedback should win you over, “I have been climbing for just under two months now and I absolutely love it. My friends dragged me to progression but I was hooked immediately. The gym environment is so incredibly supportive, even when I was struggling with the easier climbs in the gym, experienced climbers were offering advice and shouting encouragement. I am a babysitter and I started bringing in the two five year old boys I watch to come climb with me. The staff is always friendly and helpful with them and with me. I can’t stress enough how amazing progression is!”

Additional Services:

Being separated into eight differing categories, the course titles include Adult Team, Training, Meetups, Competitions, Yoga, Outside Trips, Youth Team, and Youth Camps. Each one of these activities is packed to the brim with spirit and overall quality, as you’ll be able to tell once you attend one of them. We recommend checking out the competitions and training specifically just due to the uniqueness and value found in them. Each year, these competitions occur at Progression Climbing and are separated into multiple skill levels so it is a fair fight for all. Youth will also love their youth team and camp services as the community of kids here is just as prevalent as the adults.


Oh boy are you in luck with Progression Climbing on this very day because these prices are lower than almost any other climbing gym in all of America – and that’s not even an understatement, $13 is all you’re going to need to pay for a singular day pass at this facility, which is such a refreshing price to see. However, if you happen to be in college or youth, you’ll get a day pass for only $10. Climbing shoes and chalk backs come in at $3.50 and $2.50 respectively. That’s not all, these prices just keep on getting better and better which clearly made us choose this location for the value pick. Their membership only charges $49 a month with a one-time initiation fee of $40, that should be really affordable for most.

Summary of the Best Climbing Gyms in Charlotte

Inner Peaks straight-up knocked all the other gyms out of the park in our eyes which crowned it the best overall climbing gym in Charlotte as soon as we discovered it. Any request or question you may have will surely be able to be answered by their well trained and professional staff.

As for our top pick, Ultimate Climbing Gym deserves this title due to the wide array of services and overall high quality this gym happens to maintain throughout its years. It’s truly a great location for kids and adults alike & is one to look out for.

Moving on, when it comes to runner ups we needed to inform you of Cliff Hangers for obvious reasons. Just the fact that this gym has just opened recently and still maintains really great additional services and pricing just adds to the complexity of this gym.

Last but not least, actually one of the most important gyms that can be found in Charlotte, Progression Climbing. This gym is well suited for a variety of audiences, especially climbers who would like to go slightly on the cheaper side but don’t want the price to sacrifice the overall quality. The prices found at this location will NOT be beaten in Charlotte no matter where you go, in fact, the majority of these prices aren’t beaten in climbing gyms worldwide.

Overall, we hope to have proved today that Charlotte truly does have a vast collection of climbing gyms that suit whatever needs you happen to have. The best climbing gyms in Charlotte definitely vary from person to person but that’s to be expected. No matter what you like, you’ll be able to find the perfect gym for you!

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