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Retrospective #1: Recapping my first 10 climbing sessions of 2018

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With my first ten climbing sessions in the books for 2018, I wanted to take a step back to quickly summarize high-level trends of how I’m climbing. Hopefully over time, I’m able to see noticeable improvement and use these recaps to push myself further looking ahead to my next ten sessions.


Grade Count %
V0 2  1.87%
V1 8 7.48%
V2 18 16.82%
V3 29 27.10%
V4 31 28.97%
V5 19 17.76%
V6 0
V7 0


Grade Count %
V0 0
V1 0
V2 0
V3 0
V4 8 22.86%
V5 18 51.43%
V6 9 25.71%
V7 0


Exercises Count Average/Session
Pull-Ups 290 29
Pushups 115 11.5
Biceps 66 6.6
Triceps 12 1.2
Forearms 50 5
Shoulders 30 3
Abs 260 26
Total Points 386 38.6

Visualized into a pie chart, here are my sends and failures from my first ten sessions.

My climbing successes in set 1 of 2018

My climbing failures in set 1 of 2018

Using my point system, so far this year I’m averaging a 38.6 for each climbing session.

I aim to send ten routes every workout, so assuming that as a baseline, I’m climbing at around a 3.86. This makes sense to me since most of my climbs fell between V3s and V4s in the sessions logged here and I only started pushing into V5s in the second half of this first set of workouts.

I don’t have many thoughts on the individual exercises I do for warmup and cooldown at this time, but imagine having the stats will be helpful once I start getting more sessions in and can compare a set of ten against another.

Best session in this stretch: 1/15/2018 – 48 points, including sending three V4s and three V5s.

Worst session: 1/2/2018 – 30.5 points. Not surprising since this was my first climb of the year coming back from a holiday break.

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