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Can You Get Ripped from Rock Climbing?

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Have you ever found yourself looking at a climber and thinking, “boy, I would really love to look like them?” Maybe you want to have the same visible muscles as a top-level rock climber. Whatever your goal is, a lot of us have looked at the lean, muscular body of climbers and wondered how they got so ripped from climbing. Was it only rock climbing that made them ripped? Are all rock climbers ripped? Could I be ripped if I rock climbed? 

We’ll be answering all of those questions and more in this article. First, we’ll discuss what it means to be ripped before breaking down the muscles that are involved in climbing. After talking about why some rock climbers get so ripped, we’ll finish up the article by giving you our top tips to help you get ripped by rock climbing. 

What Does Being Ripped Mean in ClimbingWhat Does Being Ripped Mean in Climbing?

When you think of someone who is ripped, you might picture a bodybuilder or weightlifter, but this is not the type of ripped that you want for climbing. Being ripped for rock climbing means having a low percentage of body fat when compared to muscles. Typically a ripped rock climber has prominent muscle fibers that are visible on their arms, legs, and core. 

Ripped might mean having a massive amount of muscles to some people, but if you talked to a rock climber about being ripped, they would say that they want more lean muscles and less body fat. There is a point, though, when you can have too many muscles for rock climbing. 

Since you are getting your body weight up a wall, each person will have a sweet spot for their body where their weight is low enough to make it easy, but they also have enough muscles to make it easy. Seeking this balance is often what leads to professional rock climbers looking like they are made of only skin and muscles. 

Muscles Involved When Rock ClimbingMuscles Involved When Rock Climbing

Will rock climbing get you in shape? Does rock climbing build glutes? What muscles does rock climbing involve? Rock climbing uses almost every muscle in your body, including your brain! Here are the major categories of muscles that you work out when rock climbing: 

1. Core muscles 

Your core or abdominal muscles are a massive part of rock climbing. They help your body maintain stability on the wall and provide a massive amount of support to your other muscles as they work to move you up the wall. Your core muscles will get more and more of a workout as you get into more overhanging climbs. 

2. Chest and shoulder muscles 

Chest and shoulder muscles work together to power your climbing. Although rock climbing seems to be all about your arm strength at first glance, a large amount of the work is done by your chest and shoulders simply because of how small arm muscles are in comparison. Rock climbers are typically known to have pronounced shoulder muscles, and after watching them climb for a little while, you’ll soon see why. 

3. Leg muscles 

A good rock climber uses its legs and core way more than its arms. Your leg muscles are huge and provide a large amount of the power that is needed to push you up the wall. Leg muscles are integral to rock climbing and should not be overlooked. 

4. Stabilizing muscles 

The small stabilizing muscles all over your body are one of the most unique muscle groups that are worked by rock climbing. They are often overlooked since they are so small, but they are essential to rock climbing. From your ankles to your wrists, the stabilizing muscles help keep your joints working well and help minimize your chance of injury. 

5. Brain 

Rock climbing is a great puzzle, so your brain will also get a workout. Rock climbing requires active attention and thought, unlike some workouts where your body can almost go into an autopilot mode. Many rock climbers describe being on the wall as an almost meditative experience since they are so focused on only the task in front of them, giving their brains a break from the rest of their lives. 

Does Rock Climbing Get You RippedDoes Rock Climbing Get You Ripped?

Can you get ripped from rock climbing? If you are an average person who practices rock climbing recreationally and only occasionally, you probably won’t get ripped from rock climbing alone. That being said, it isn’t that hard to start losing fat and building muscle if you continue to utilize rock climbing as a part of your workout routine. 

If you want to get ripped and use rock climbing as a part of that process, you’ll also want to think about other exercises you might want to include and your diet. You’ll want to include some form of cardio since that is the major category of workouts that you can’t really get from rock climbing. 

In regards to a getting ripped diet, you’ll want to pay attention to what you put into your body and how much you put into your body. You should make sure to meet your body’s caloric needs by eating whole foods and making sure you get enough protein and nutrients to support your exercise routine

All that being said, some professional rock climbers have been known to have a pretty crappy diet, but having a good diet can certainly help you get those amazing rock-climbing abs. 

Why Do Some Rock Climbers So RippedWhy Do Some Rock Climbers So Ripped?

Some rock climbers get more ripped than others for lots of reasons. One of the main reasons why some rock climbers get ripped is because they follow a strenuous workout plan that incorporates rock climbing. Getting ripped with a workout plan is not too hard to do, so this is how many rock climbers get ripped. 

Another reason why some rock climbers might get ripped is that they are naturally able to build lean muscles easier. Some people’s bodies are more adapted to the movements required for rock climbing, so these individuals may find themselves becoming ripped from rock climbing quite easily. 

What Helps You Get Ripped with Rock ClimbingWhat Helps You Get Ripped with Rock Climbing?

There are a lot of things you can do to help improve your chances of getting ripped from rock climbing. Here are a handful of our favorite things you can do: 

1. Climb regularly 

Climbing regularly is the easiest way to get ripped from rock climbing. Just like any exercise, you’ll need to stick with it for a while if you really want to see any physical results. As with any activity, the more you do it, the more your body will become accustomed to the movements and start to adapt to make the movements easier. 

2. Feed your body well

Make sure you are providing your body with the right fuel. The food you put into your body is what powers your climbing sessions as well as what helps your body build muscles. If you only feed your body sugar, it won’t be able to keep you going through the climbing sessions needed in order to get ripped, and you’ll probably feel pretty crumby as well. 

3. Supplement your climbing with cardio and strength training

Although it’s not always necessary, and you can structure your climbing to include both cardio and strength training, for the average climber, it is often easier to supplement your climbing with both cardio and strength training. This could be as easy as going on a run once or twice a week for your cardio and doing a short strength workout each time you go climbing. 

A little will go a long way with these when combined with all the climbing you’ll be doing and all the good food you’ll be eating. 

Wrapping Things Up: Can You Get Ripped from Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is an incredible form of exercise that utilizes muscles from all different parts of the body. It is a great way to tone your muscles, lose fat, and improve your mental focus, all in one activity. Rock climbing has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and with good reason. The sport is an excellent way to get your body looking ripped and toned without the need for a gym. 

Regardless of if you are a casual climber just starting out or a tried and true weekend warrior looking to hone your climbing practice, climbing is a great sport for everyone. The more regularly you climb, and the better you eat, the more likely you are to start seeing physical changes in your body as a result of climbing. Maybe throw in a run or bike ride every now and then, and you are well on your way to getting ripped from rock climbing! 

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