Journey to V7: Bouldering League debut (4/4/18)

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Since the start of 2018, I’ve felt good about how my climbing has progressed. I’ve dealt with a couple minor injuries here and there, but I’ve also set a number of new personal bests since starting this log.

However, I felt I needed to change something up since whenever I’ve made a big breakthrough, I’ve seemed to regress a few steps in my following sessions.

To shake things up, I signed up for First Ascent’s Bouldering League. They started the idea a quarter ago and I found out about it too late, but was able to make registration this time.

The league will have six weeks of regular season play, followed by two weeks of playoffs. I’m going to be climbing in the Intermediate division (V3-V5).

Today went pretty well. I strained my left lower back slightly from finishing that 5.11d a few days ago, so was feeling a little bit of pain during my climb, but it wasn’t anything debilitating.

I think the grades at FA Humboldt Park are easier than FA Uptown. I flashed two of the three V5s I got this week, as well as one of the two V4s I sent. Flashes are worth 10% more than the total point value of the problem.

Looking forward to Week 2.

First Ascent Week 1 Bouldering League Scorecard

Here’s how my first week of league play went:

Warmup 10 pull-ups
Grade Outcome Points
V0 ✓✓ 1
V1 1
V2 ✓✓ 4
V3 ×× 2
V4 ×✓✓ 9
V5 ✓✓×✓×× 18
V6 0
V7 0
V8 0
Recap 10 sends, 6 failures

2018 YTD

  • 442 sends (+10)
  • 171 failures (+6)
  • 775 pull-ups (+10)
  • 205 pushups
  • 157 biceps
  • 22 triceps 
  • 110 forearms 
  • 48 shoulders 
  • 325 squats
  • 10 peg / campus / hang board
  • 840 ab reps

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