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How Safe are Climbing Bolts

How Safe are Climbing Bolts?

Bolts are a continually evolving part of rock climbing. They are placed in the rock to help keep you safe, but how safe are they? How strong are rock climbing bolts? How often do climbing

Does Climbing Build Abs?

Rock climbing is an increasingly popular sport for a lot of reasons, but how does it impact your body? Does rock climbing build muscle? Does bouldering build muscle? Does climbing build abs? With so many

Can I Wear My Glasses When Climbing

Can I Wear My Glasses When Climbing?

If you are someone who wears glasses but still wants to be able to climb, you have come to the right place! Climbing requires you to be able to see what holds you are stepping

Autoblock vs. Prusik: What’s the Difference

Autoblock vs. Prusik: What’s the Difference?

Rock climbing is a dangerous activity, but some aspects are known as super dangerous. Rappelling, or controlling your own descent down a rope, is one such aspect of rock climbing. Many accidents happen during the

How to Overcome Fear When Climbing

How to Overcome Fear When Climbing?

People tend to say there is no way to rock climb if you’re scared of heights, but is that true? Are all rock climbers not scared of heights or falling or any of the logical

Should Rock Climbers Wear Helmets

Should Rock Climbers Wear Helmets?

Rock climbing is well-known as a dangerous sport. Choosing to practice rock climbing either indoors or outdoors comes with its hazards. Understanding how to control the hazards you can and protect yourself from the hazards

What is Bouldering and is it a Good Workout

What is Bouldering and is it a Good Workout?

Although bouldering has been around since the early 1900s as its own sport, it has only started skyrocketing in popularity in the last 20 years or so. With new gyms popping up all over the

What are Some Risks of Rock Climbing

What are Some Risks of Rock Climbing?

Have you spent the last few years watching as rock climbing became popular but are still wary of trying it? Maybe your friends are raving about this sport, but you find yourself wondering what the